Unsolicited Ideas

As a matter of policy, NBG Home, its affiliated companies, and our employees do not accept or consider unsolicited product ideas or suggestions from third parties. However, we may agree to receive an idea or suggestion from you, but only if you first provide us an executed Non-Confidential Idea Submission Agreement that we supply. As the name suggests, we only accept third party ideas and suggestions on a non-confidential basis in order to avoid any potential disputes, misunder­standings or confusion about the source of our new, improved or enhanced products.

If you wish to submit a product idea or suggestion to us, then please send us your name and mailing address using the “Contact Us” page on our website, but do not include any information whatsoever about your idea or suggestion. If you submit any information whatsoever to us about your idea or submission prior to our receipt of an executed Non-Confidential Idea Submission Agreement, then irrespective of anything to the contrary accompanying your unsolicited idea or suggestion, you agree that you are providing such idea or suggestion to us on a non-confidential basis, without any restriction on our rights to use or to disregard such idea or submission in our sole discretion, and without us owing you any obligation or liability of any kind.

NBG Home companies and brands include: Burnes of Boston, Cheyenne Products, DSI Lighting, Dwell & Decor Outdoor, J. Hunt Home, Jimco Lamp, Patton Picture Company, Pinnacle Frames & Accents, Quoizel and THRO.